Re-opening the Green

(A pdf version of this page was circulated to members by email and is also available here)

The Braid Club Committee opted not to re-open the Green during Phase 1 of the easing of the lockdown announced by the First Minister from 29th May. It was judged better to postpone this until the next review date on 19th June to ensure the safety of our members.
This also gave time for thorough preparation and trialling of new arrangements for play, and allowed learning from the experience of clubs that had re-opened their greens.
Now that the Scottish Government has moved to Phase 2 of the easing of the lockdown the Committee has agreed that the time has come for Braid to re-open the Green effective from mid-day Monday 22nd June.

It should be stressed that the re-opening is subject to considerable restriction on play and that there will be no return to bowling as previously experienced for some time yet.
Members who feel uncertain and anxious about their safety should not return to bowls at this stage.

The following are the limitations within which bowling will be possible:

(These rules are based on best practice in terms of the guidance given by Bowls Scotland as at 19th June in conjunction with the Scottish Government and are intended to maintain social distancing, and avoid the spread of the virus via unsanitised touch points.)
  1. Access is to the Green only. The Club House and Bowls House (including toilets) remain closed.

  2. All members wishing to play must complete a form verifying that they have read the guidance given here and confirming that they accept and will adhere to the restrictions notified.

  3. Play on the Green to be
    • Booked in advance (see the separate Booking Guide/How to Book).
    • Restricted to 3 rinks leaving empty rinks between.
  4. Bookings can be for -
    • Roll ups single person practice
    • Singles (2 persons)
    • Pairs (4 persons — with maximum of 3 households involved).
    • No triples, full rinks, or formal competitions — ties or championships — to take place.
  5. Arrival and departure to be strictly according to the staggered arrangements to promote social distancing. These are specified in the Booking Guide.

  6. Players bring their bowls and bowling shoes. Players should at no point handle another's bowls. Benches may be used to facilitate changing of shoes only.

  7. Players should bring their own hand sanitiser and use it on entering and on leaving the club.

  8. 8. Club mats will not be available avoiding difficulty with disinfecting. It is suggested that people use their own car mats instead. Alternatively players may choose to bring a towel / tea-towel to use as a mat.

  9. Jacks should be disinfected both before and after use. Two Jacks should be used on each rink — one for each end, and the Jack should be placed rather than rolled into position.

  10. No marking of touchers, no measuring for shots to be undertaken.

  11. All players should abide by guidance on 2 metre social distancing. (It is suggested that where 2 households are involved that members of each household should play in the same position on opposite teams.)

If you understand and accept the above guidance and wish to play please send an email confirming this to: . The easiest way to do this is to Click on this button CONFIRM

If your email client doesn't enable you to do this then simply send an email to with Subject Line: Confirmation and in the Body of the email the following text which you can copy and paste into the email:

I confirm that I have read and understood the conditions under which return to play is possible at Braid at present and I undertake to abide by these at all times when accessing the green.

Once you have made the above confirmation you should consult the Booking Guide for guidance on making a Booking.